Custom Embroidery Info


Custom embroidered logos & custom art is Renegade's specialty. Although we have over 2,000 embroidery designs to choose from, you can always go custom. With over 22 years of embroidery digitizing & sewing experience, we have done logos for casinos, cruise lines, malls, & multi-location theme parks. Trust us with the top quality stitching, thread quality & color matching.

✓ professionally digitized art

✓ art proofs sent to you for approval

✓ sew-outs mailed to you upon request

✓ accurate color matching of threads

✓ sized for adults' or kids' jacket styles

✓ various embroidery locations available*

Custom Embroidery Requirements

  1. Minimum quantity for logo embroidery is 72 pieces (yes, you can mix colors & styles) and 24 pieces (same color and style) for open stock customers.
  2. Send us your logo in vector/image format to ksengo[at]comcast[dot]net. Accepted Formats: SVG, AI, EPS, JPEG, PNG.
  3. If your logo has text, send us your font in TTF or RTF format  OR  at least the font NAME. (For example, "Copperplate Bold". This significantly shortens our digitizing process & gets you your art for approval quicker.)
  4. Include your Store Name & your Rep's Name

Chose from over 2,000 stock designs...

If you aren't quite sure about your custom design, you can choose from one of our proven stock designs. Use our Online Embroidery Design Search tool to find a left-chest or full-chest embroidery design. You can call us to get the Log-In info 954.763.2609.

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