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10 Renegade Best Sellers – 2018 styles

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Top 10 Selling Renegade Club 2018 Styles

April 4, 2018

It's buying season. We are currently in the middle of our busiest season, as most buyers are purchasing fro summer & fall of 2018.

With our latest data in, we are happy to announce some of Renegade Club's best performing 2018 styles. Data is based on the volume or orders & reorders. Keep in mind that these numbers are only for the 2018 styles. We are still selling the heck out of our 2017 & 2016 jackets - which you can browse scrolling to the end of this post.

In fact, there are quite a few Renegade style groups that are doing very well with various markets in the USA. Nantucket Fleece is doing great on the East & West coasts. North Shore Fleece & Power Stretch garments are doing very well all over the country. Coarse Weave Fleece has immense popularity in 2018, be sure to explore all of these fabrics for your buying decision.

For questions or order inquiries, please contact us & we will be glad to assist.

Make the best of your summer & fall with Renegade Club.


North Shore Fleece: Our Favorites

Power Stretch Fleece: Our Favorites

Coarse Weave Fleece: Our Favorites


Nantucket Fleece: Our Favorites

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